Catering Service in Issaquah, Washington

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Full-Service Catering

Experience wonderful, fresh food prepared on-site
for your event. We are full-service event caterers, who will handle everything from preparation to loading the dishwasher. We specialize in quaint weddings and parties.

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Cocktail & Dinner Parties

Whether you're having an intimate dinner party or a big birthday bash, treat your guests to a delicious feast. We offer catered dinner parties and cocktail parties at your location.

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Your guests won't be able to resist our decadent desserts. Our dessert catering is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Proudly Serving Seattle, Issaquah, and King County, Washington

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About Us

Enjoy delicious food without having to worry about cooking or clean-up. wine & cake catering in Issaquah, Washington, offers complete catering services for wedding, parties, and events. We are very easy to work with and bring our fun personalities to the party. Over the course of our 3 years in business, we've done events from the top of the Smith Tower to local wineries to private in home dinners, and enjoy the uniqueness of each event. We've built our reputation through word of mouth and enthusiastic referrals from happy customers. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Our Founders

Our founders, Jennifer and Pennie, are best friends and business partners who share a passion for good food and wine. Their goal is to ensure that you always receive not only a perfect product, but also a little of their personality in each bite.

We offer gluten free, organic and vegetarian menus also, upon request.